Former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi celebrates her birthday in style

Former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi celebrates her birthday in style

Former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi celebrated her birthday in style, leaving many fans shocked at her age. Unlike many celebs, Unathi remains one of the most legendary judges Idols SA has ever produced. She is the second most capped after Randall Abrahams, as she judged for eleven successive seasons since 2011. It proved that Unathi had been a glue for many years, but her unhealthy relationship with fellow judge Somizi on and off screen made sure that Unathi’s time was up. What a judge she had been!

Unathi did not take the fancy route when she celebrated her birthday, this was one thing fans loved about her. Of course, she can afford to throw a big party and buy expensive food and drinks, but that is not the new Unathi. She, however, had time to reflect on her life and how she managed to transform herself physically and spiritually, and had some beautiful words to all who sent her birthday wishes.

Shockingly, many fans did not know how old Unathi was despite spending so much time on television. Her many years on Idols SA have made fans imagine that she is so older than she is. She is even younger than her replacement Thembi Seete.

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How did Unathi Nkayi celebrate her birthday?

It seemed that Unathi had decided to go silent with her birthday celebrations, but that’s not what her friends had in mind. She thought that posting thank you messages on Twitter was all her loved ones could do, and she was wrong. When she arrived, she found out that her workmates and friends had a surprise. They sang her a happy birthday song and wished her many more. They later gave her a chocolate cake that she loved so much.

Yesterday, the sixth of November, Unathi Nkayi was celebrating her 44th birthday, which meant a lot to her. It seemed, however, that Unathi was no longer into the partying life as she was now focused on her body and soul. In the past year or two, she worked on her body and lost a lot of weight. That is all she said she thanked everyone for the birthday wishes. In her own words, Unathi said:

Thank you to all of you for your wonderful birthday messages yesturday.

I’ve come inwards and towards myself this year. I can’t thank God and my ancestors enough. CAMAGU

Watch former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi celebrating her birthday

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