Watch as MaMkhize’s bum-shaking dance moves cause commotion on social media

Fire Emoji: Watch as MaMkhize's bum-shaking dance moves causes commotion on social media

Unexpectedly, Dr Shauwn Mkhize (MaMkhize) caused a commotion on social media with some delicate bum-shaking dance moves. The flamboyant businesswoman is famous for her lavish lifestyle and influence on the football fraternity. Since buying Celtic to Royal AM, MaMkhize has developed a severe interest in football, and he has since attracted so much attention from football fans across the country. She always jumps up and down on several occasions, supporting her team. She had been clever of not showing her true colours when it comes to dancing moves only until a few days ago.

A few weeks ago, Mzansi trolled MaMkhize following a very poor display of dance moves at a party. It seemed that she heard the call well as she deceased from doing what she was not gifted at. Some fans even accused her of giving Andile Mpisane legs on the same side. Since then, MaMkhize could be seen only moving swiftly, avoiding direct and complicated dance moves. It seemed she had been looking at what she could do to use her natural assets in the dance moves. MaMkhize is a big woman by stature, and she has big bums that, if she shakes, would cause a commotion.

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MaMkhize’s bum-shaking dance moves cause commotion.

Unlike her son Andile, MaMkhize had some bums to cover her poor dance moves. Being a lousy dancer is not fun for Andile since he is a professional musician with several tracks. Unlike his mother, Andile is doing profound dance lessons and becoming a good dancer step by step. Almost all the time, MaMkhize would be in high spirits, but this time she looked happier. Probably it was the feeling of going into the weekend. Her day started with a good road trip that looked impressive as they took videos singing, listening to music, and making jokes.

Upon arriving at their venue, MaMkhize boarded the car, and the music was still high. She couldn’t let the beat go off by itself as she did what nobody was expecting from her. She shook her bums, and the people around laughed and cheered her. She didn’t do much before breaking into a big laugh, leaving Mzansi impressed.

Watch MaMkhize’s bum-shaking dance moves.

MaMkhize joins the gym for her body transformation.

A few days ago, the forty-seven-year-old joined her ex-husband’s daughter Sbahle at the gym. Sbahle is a long-time fitness addict, and she has since taken her mother in and helped her in these first days. MaMkhize is targeting a total body transformation from now until summer. It remains to be seen if she could match Sbahle or Connie Ferguson’s dedication to the gym. Odds are, however, on her side, given how focused and committed a person she is. MaMkhize doesn’t start a project and leaves it before its completion.

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