Fake Love: Watch as DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai appear to embrace each other after Zinhle spends the day with AKA

Nadia Nakai and DJ Zinhle

Fake Love, Watch as DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai appear to embrace each other after Zinhle spends the day with Aka.

DJ Zinhle has been known to hate on AKA’s girlfriends after they broke up. Most people understood why she hated Bonang, given that AKA cheated on her while pregnant. However, after Bonang and the rapper broke up, Zinhle quickly took him back, only for him to cheat again. After their second and final breakup, Zinhle’s beef with Bonang continued even if they both did not get the man.

Last night, DJ Zinhle hosted at Rockets club with AKA’s current girlfriend Nadia Nakai. The two were the celebrity hostesses for the night and racked in numbers for the club. At first, the two were on their respective corners enjoying the night. When Zinhle was playing at the decks, Nadia went behind the decks, and the two acted friendly. In a video making rounds on Twitter, Zinhle takes out a comb and touches up her hair. After that, she goes on to touch up Nadia’s for a moment while Nakai whispers something to Zinhle and they both laugh.

Watch DJ Zinhe and Nadia Nakai below:

Suppose it was any other celebrity; fans would not have been weirded out by their interaction. However, these two have never been known to be friendly. Their worlds hardly collide as they are musicians of different music genres. This has led tweeps to believe that they are either faking it or trying to be friendly for Kairo. Zinhle and AKA have been known to do a great job at co-parenting their daughter. Given that Nadia is in his life, the friendship may be real.

DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai show each other fake love at the club

DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai hugging each other
DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai hugging each other-Image Source(Instagram/RocketsLife)

Earlier that day, Kairo had thrown a party with her friends and parents present. AKA and Zinhle had spent the day making it memorable for their daughter. This included dancing and playing all kinds of games together. None of their respective lovers was invited to the party with people talking. Murdah Bongz is already in Kairo’s life, and they spend time together. It has never been hinted if Nadia has finally been introduced to Kairo, but their relationship is public, so it’s safe to say the seven-year-old already knows.

Despite all the drama among Tweeps, Nadia has never had an altercation with the DJ. So it is safe to say that their unlikely friendship is only natural now when their paths cross. On Zinhle’s reality show, she has shown that she has moved on and bears no ill-will towards her ex.

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