‘Everything is bigger than I thought it would be’ A look inside DJ Zinhle’s first Hair Majesty shop

DJ Zinhle Hair Majesty shop

Born Ntombizinhle Jiyane, DJ Zinhle has been making serious business moves launching shops for her jewellery line Era by DJ Zinhle all over South Africa. That is not the only business she has; she also has an alcohol brand and a hair range. This time DJ Zinhle has diversified and is launching her first ever Hair Majesty Shop. The entertainer took time to show off the space, which is still a work in progress

In a video shared on Instagram, DJ Zinhle shared herself driving in her expensive set of wheels to the Mall of Africa. There she entered a room being renovated and showed her fans the space where the hair shop would be. The DJ is excited as she tells her fans that the shop is bigger than she expected and is getting decorated in the way she wants.

Watch the video of the Inside of Hair Majesty shop at Mall of Africa below:

The door is a large black door with the outside of it designed with the shop’s logo. The floor has brown tiles, while the walls are painted in white, grey and brown shades to complement each other. The space that will be a workspace for stylists already has big mirrors and is still a work in progress.

Hair Majesty was launched in June 2021, and it started as an online store. People could only order online and have their hair delivered to them. For the past year, Hair Majesty has been gaining momentum with many celebrities and fans wearing the hair like Lamiez Holworthy, Pearl Thusi and many more. Like other businesses, it has trended after a Tik Toker had terrible experiences with them and posted a video.

The Hair Majesty shop launch announced

DJ Zinhle in a Hair Majesty wig
DJ Zinhle in a Hair Majesty wig-Image Source(Instagram/DJ Zinhle)

The shop will be launched on the 1st of October at the Mall of Africa. It will start operating immediately on the same day. Most of her fans in the comment section have said that they can not wait for the shop to launch to get their first-hand experience of her hair and buy what they see.

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