Emtee publicly criticises MacG. ‘He doesn’t pay artists, promotion won’t feed my kids’

Emtee throws shade at MacG.

Emtee seems not to favour how MacG has earned his Podcast and Chill success. MacG interviews celebrities and engages them on various topics, both minor and controversial ones. He’s interviewed people in the public spectrum at large, and they sang like canaries, providing clarity on issues fans weren’t confident with. He’s hosted public figures with tasteful interviews like the sports anchor Robert Marawa and public figures who had interviews that led to lawsuits against them, like the rapper and presenter Jub Jub and the South African footballer Teko Modise.

A Twitter user with the handle @makwelaobrlan tweeted that MacG was giving his employees bonuses for December, and it’s kind of him to do so, considering the current economic climate. Many MacG’s Podcast and Chill fans also rushed to applaud the host for recognising his staff as a fundamental part of his success.

MacG. Source – Instagram

Emtee’s comments

Emtee retweeted that the public figures interviewed on the podcast don’t receive a single cent for their time and sharing their stories; instead, they are used as stepping ladders for MacG to get richer. Tweeps came to call the Roll Up hitmaker for playing the victim. Emtee was questioned whether public figures get paid for radio interviews, and he was told to shift his mindset from those thoughts. One Twitter user told Emtee that although celebrities don’t get paid, they get exposure because they can tell their tales to a broad audience with 100 000 people. Emtee slammed the tweet about exposure by saying exposure can’t be eaten.

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Emtee on MacG
Emtee on MacG
Emtee. Source – Instagram

Emtee’s Podcast and Chill interview

Emtee was a guest on Podcast and Chill 8 months ago on the podcast’s 238th podcast. Emtee revealed a lot of truths about how he was unfairly treated when he was still an artist signed under Ambitious Records. He also spoke about not liking Ambitious Records singer duo Black Diamond. Emtee also touched on his wife allegedly abusing him and his late friend Manando. Perhaps Emtee regrets going there and not getting paid for it.


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