DJ Euphonik faces R25K child maintenance claim from ex-partner

Euphonik "fakes" apology WhatsApp text from rape complainant

One of the women who has children with Themba Nkosi, better known as DJ Euphonik, has taken him to court for more child support.

According to Sunday World, the woman, whose identity is protected by law, is unhappy with how the Busa producer is co-parenting their two children. She claims that he only pays for their school fees and nothing else. She wants him to pay R12 500 for each child every month.

She also wants him to cover the costs of three extracurricular activities per child. The legal dispute between the former lovers started when the club DJ applied to the court to take their children to Dubai in the UAE, where he lives.

The woman reportedly accused him of hacking and copying her phone in September.

Euphonik denied her allegations and said: “She has no reason to be scared of me and I would never hurt her. She is just trying to confuse the issue.

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