Did you know:Faith from House of Zwide and Somizi’s baby mama fought over a man?

Palesa and Winnie-Image Source (Instagram)

It seems that doing unthinkable things to secure a man is the order of the day for Faith Zwide in the drama series House of Zwide. But is that what she is like in real life? Her former Best friend Palesa Madisakwane may say so. Did you know that Faith from House of Zwide’s and Somizi‘s baby mama fought over a man?

Businessman Nico Matlala’s love triangle

These two actresses were once best friends for many years. Palesa was dating businessman Nico Matlala. She introduced Winnie to Nico because Winne was looking for sponsorship and business funding from a wealthy businessman. Winnie’s car, a Jetta, was spotted parked at Nico’s house for weeks as she was using his BMW. It was reported that the House of Zwide actress was going to Nico’s place at ungodly hours and allegedly spending more time with the man than his girlfriend, Palesa. A catfight then broke out between the two friends.

Palesa and Winnie Instagram post
Palesa and Winnie-Image Source (Instagram)

Winnie dodged questions from the media to comment on the issue. Nico broke up with Palesa, claiming that she was a control freak, and he wanted to start dating women his age. He also stated disassociating himself from both women because he claimed their drama was tarnishing his image. Winnie and Palesa both posted pictures on Instagram showing they were still friends after the whole drama, but nothing was seen of their friendship after that.

Winnie Ntshaba as Faith Zwide
Winnie Ntshaba as Faith Zwide-Image Source (Instagram)

Ntshaba, who plays the role of faith Zwide in House of Zwide, plays a typical ‘the devil wears Prada’ character. She is a woman who has her husband’s love interest killed years back so she could be the woman in his life. She also uses inhumane tactics to keep her place in the Zwide household, like killing her mother-in-law.

Winnie Ntshaba and Palesa Madisakwane are both going on with their lives separately. The latter is slaying her role in House of Zwide while the other is busy being a mom to her children.

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