Did you know Shoki from House of Zwide “Shalate Sekhabi” is the child of famous director Audrey Sekhabi?

Did you know Shalate Sekhabi who plays Shoki is the child of famous director Audrey Sekhabi?

Shalate Sekhabi plays Shoki, an orphan on House of Zwide. Growing up, her sister Nomsa was the one taking care of her. Today she is an adult trying to navigate herself through life. Shoki is also facing a tough relationship hump.

In real life, she is the daughter of the famous director Audrey Sekhabi. Shalate doesn’t post about her father much. Perhaps she doesn’t want people divulging into her personal life. On Father’s Day, she posted herself and her father having lunch together.

Her dad is a living icon in South African film. Sekhabi is probably in the industry due to being inspired by her father.

Aubrey Sekhabi: Image: Instagram

Audrey Sekhabi

Audrey Sekhabi is a living icon in the world of Mzansi film. He works as a writer and a director for numerous types of productions. He started his film career in the year 1985. In that specific year, he was part of the production Back To School.

He worked in the film world from 1985 during the regime until democracy. Today he is still very active and present in his career. His most notable modern-day work is the film Kalushi: The Story of Solomon. His other famous film is Rivonia Trial, which came out in 2010.

Did you know Shalate Sekhabi who plays Shoki is the child of famous director Audrey Sekhabi? Image: Instagram/Shalate Sekhabi

Did she get her role on merit or with connections?

When children of giants in specific industries join the same sectors, speculation arises. Sekhabi is no exception. People are questioning if she got on TV with merit or not.

Sekhabi is multitalented

Sekhabi is a natural. She slays her roles since her film debut, A Cup of Sugar. She also proved quite the actress when she played Millicent on The River. Either than that, she is killing her role os Shoki. She also has the single Trust out on digital platforms.

Shoki is on House of Zwide currently

Shoki is currently in a sticky situation on House of Zwide. Her boyfriend’s baby mama was in hospital after collapsing. When she woke up, she said Shoki pushed her. Mind you, and the baby mama is still expecting. Shoki is nailing the role of portraying emotions.

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