Boniswa back on Scandal

After her near death experience Boniswa, a character played by Lusanda Mbane disappeared on her alleged death as a hideout from the Xaba’s. Boniswa has been the mastermind behind all of the disasters that happened in her family. Despite her broken family, Scandal hasn’t been the same since she went away but now she is back. We are all wondering what will her return bring forth. Should we expect a changed Boniswa or stay tuned for more drama to unfold?.

Before her disappearance and alleged death Boniswa’s children Xolile (Sive Mabuya) and Chumani (Ayanda Diweti) discovered a shocking truth. Which later on led to the family breaking apart. Boniswa had had an affair with a man named Loyiso Xaba who was her principal back in the days. This happened way before she even got married. Mr Xaba years later after the death of Boniswa’s husband, resurfaced. They continued where they had left off with Boniswa. He later on realised that Boniswa’s son Chumani was actually his biological child.

Mr Xaba confronted Boniswa about and it turned to an argument which turned into a physical fight. Chumani walked in on them when things had gotten physical. On a quest to save his mother he hit Mr Xaba hard on the head. Boniswa spinned some story to Chumani about how Mr Xaba had tried forcing himself on her. She went on to suffocate Mr Xaba resulting in his death which they made seem like an accident.

The shocking twist happened later on when Chumani (Ayanda Diweti) learned that Mr Xaba was actually his biological father. After he confronted his mom Boniswa saw no other way out than messing with his son’s mentality, she fed him drugs that made him hallucinate. Soon as Chumani recovered his mission was to make his mother pay for all the lies and also his father’s death. She survived it all after her daughter saved her and helped her hide.

Now Boniswa is back and we are all curious as to what her motives are and what her return will bring forth. She has asked Chumani to arrange a meeting for her and the Mr Xaba’s family she wants to apologise to them for the pain and loss she caused them. We are all curious whether this means a changed Boniswa or this is one of her tricks.

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