Best pictures and videos from MaMkhize’s vacation in Namibia

MaMkhize's vacation in Namibia

Reality TV star and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize had a busy and Festive December, she took a flight to Namibia to ‘ chase the sun ‘ as South African was very gloomy at the time. MaMkhize was draped in her luxurious clothing and carried her Louis Vuitton luggage on the trip, she shared her vacation in numerous pictures and videos, and it looked amazing.

MamKhize’s outfits

We all know that the reality TV show star never disappoints regarding what she puts on her body. She has matching fashionable scarves to help protect her from the desert sun and the dusty sand. Shawn wore the most stylish clothes in leading brands like Versace and Burberry.

When she took a flight to Namibia, she was dressed in the zebra print silk pyjamas she was wearing at her family’s Christmas Eve party. The decision was so she could be extra comfortable in her flight.

Best pictures from MaMkhize’s Namibia vacation

In one of the most stunning pictures, Shawn wore a silk maxi loose-fitting orange dress with an extensive and long trail. On the image, she held a string that connected numerous orange balloons. The background of the picture is desert dunes that look majestic. The picture looks like something straight from a fantasy movie.

Shauwn Mkhize in Namibia
Shauwn Mkhize in Namibia. Image Credit:

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Lady in Versace

Shauwn Mkhize wore a stunning hot pink Versace bathing suit in one of the most iconic pictures. She paired the swimsuit with bright yellow block heel shoes that look like the Disco scene inspired them. Her skin looked firm, toned and moisturized during the entire trip. Another image she posted was that of herself with a hairstyle change from a long ponytail to a whole lace front with brunette roots and blonde strands. She wore a two-piece Versace outfit with a silky pair of shorts and a shirt in this picture.

Shauwn Mkhize in Namibia
Shauwn Mkhize in Namibia. Source:

MaMkhize didn’t go on vacation alone, she took along one stylist and some of her family members. Their portraits in the desert also took a win as they were happy and in a stunning location.

More videos from MaMkhize’s vacation

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