Best mother and son duo: Watch as Skeem Saam actors Kwaito and MaNtuli nail the manca challenge on TikTok

Skeem Saam actors Kwaito and MaNtuli nail the manca challenge - Source: TikTok

Skeem Saam actors Kwaito and MaNtuli top trends as they nail the manca challenge on TikTok. The two have been trending late after their viral video pulling some sleek dance moves flooded social media. Celebrated Skeem Saam actor Clement Maosa who stars as Kwaito, shared a video on TikTok teaching his on-screen mother MaNtuli how to nail the manca challenge on TikTok.

Mzansi was more than convinced that she used to be a dancer before. They took their on-screen bond offscreen, and we were wowed with the duo’s dance moves. Peeps loved the energy of the pair, with many highlighting how MaNtuli was able to do it better than themselves. However, of interest is the fact that she nailed the challenge to perfection.

Clement Maosa ‘Kwaito from Skeem Saam” – Image Credit: Instagram/Clement Maosa

We can all agree that mother and son moments are priceless, and this could be likened to Skeem Saam actor Clement Maosa and his onset mother. After Clement shared the video on TikTok and other social media platforms, Mzansi was more than impressed with the duo’s sleek moves. Several fans flooded into the comment section to shower them with praises. Teaching someone like MaNtuli a challenge and taking it with her is just something out of this world.

Watch the video below:


She wanted count down…😅😂🤦🏾‍♂️

♬ Manca – Felo Le Tee & Toss

Skeem Saam actors Kwaito and MaNtuli top trends as they nail the manca challenge on TikTok

With an illustrious career spanning years, Dieketseng Mnisi has made a name in the entertainment industry thanks to her Skeem Saam on-screen character of MaNtuli. She was cast as a sassy mother we all love to hate. A mother-and-son bond is such a sweet and endearing site to see. It usually radiates warmth and a sense of home. Even though the pair or not really mom and son, the energy and chemistry between them sure does seem like it.

Rich Mnisi and Skeem Saam actress MaNtuli ‘Dieketseng Mnisi’ – Source: Instagram

Actress Dieketseng Mnisi has been making all sorts of headlines with her on-screen character on Skeem Saam as ”Nontombi MaNtuli Seakamela”. In the wake of the viral video, she has been trending after she was said to be Rich Mnisi’s mother. Rich Mnisi is said to be Skeem Saam actress MaNtuli’s son.

Rumour mill even alleged the Skeem Saam actress as Rich Mnisi’s’ mother, but the two haven’t’ weighed into the daring allegations. Despite striking similarities, the two also share the same surname. However, after all, the two might not be related but only share a similar surname. In the mix of all the daring rumours that have thrust them into the limelight, the two are yet to confirm if they are related or not, as alleged by several sources.

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