Gospel singer Deborah Fraser now wheelchair bound, gets fans worrying about her

Gospel singer Debra Frazer spotted wheelchair bound, gets fans worrying for her

Deborah Fraser showing up in a wheelchair recently had her fans worried and wondering what could be going on with her. Deborah Fraser is one of the most respected gospel singers in the country.

She shot to fame when she released her solo album with the hit song Abanye Bayombona in 2000. A video of her sitting in a wheelchair has been circulating online and has raised concern amongst her fans.

Frazer is seen on stage in a wheelchair addressing the crowd that was eagerly waiting to hear what she had to say.
Frazer is said to be unable to walk.

Deborah Fraser shared that her journey this year has been a tedious one and that she had been hospitalised for two months this year, from February to March and that the cause for her unwellness was diabetes.

Deborah Fraser said it all started when she started to vomit uncontrollably, and then after that, she couldn’t walk.

Deborah Fraser cannot walk anymore. She is on a wheel chair
Deborah Fraser cannot walk anymore. Image: News24

Fraser says her diabetes has severely impacted her walking abilities. She mentioned that she didn’t think she was going to make it. Debra made sure to set the record straight to some people who have claimed that she could be faking her condition.

Deborah Fraser clarified to her fans that she was not faking her condition and said that her vocal abilities are still intact and that she had hoped that her fans wouldn’t see her in her current state.

The news of her sickness came fresh after another singer and Lira were announced to have suffered a stroke while in Germany recently. Her stroke impacted her speech abilities.

A few days ago, Gigi Lamayne called for entertainment lovers in the country to pray for their favourite stars because she says there is an evil spirit lurking around. Gigi mentions all the celebrities we have lost since the beginning of 2022.

Patrick Shai, Kuli Roberts, Ricky Rick, DJ Dimples and many more have died within a short space of time of each other.

A few weeks ago, veteran actress Joyce Skefu also reported that she had been hospitalised due to a minor stroke.

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