Andile Mpisane questions paternity of his second child with Sithelo, demands DNA tests

Andile Mpisane questions paternity of his second child with Sithelo

An undisclosed friend of the Mkhize family has spilt the beans on why Andile Mpisane chose to marry another woman, literally a month after purchasing a luxury BMW for his baby mama Sithelo Shozi. Mzansi was shocked after learning that Andile wedded Tamia on the 17th of December in 2021. Reasons for Sithelo’s and Andile’s breakup has been shared with the public by neither Andile nor Sithelo.

Andile’s doubt for his second child’s paternity

A family friend of Andile’s family has told the newspapers that it’s is highly doubtable that Andile is indeed the father of Sithelo’s third child Coco. It seems that Sithelo may have had an affair with Andile or, there were serious accusations about her loyalty to her second baby daddy. After the suspicions, Shauwn Mkhize has suggested that a DNA test be done to show whether the child is her son’s or not.

Sithelo Shozi’s last baby shower. Image Credit –

Sithelo’s position in the family

After Andile’s new marriage, Shauwn Mkhize said Andile decided to marry Tamia, and Sithelo will always be a part of the family because she’s baby Flo’s mother. MaMkhize also assured the public that baby Flo had not been taken away from her mother. However, the source of the story says that Andile’s child, baby Flo, has been taken away from Sithelo, and Shauwn Mkhize is raising her as her child. Andile’s mother also allegedly tried to make Sithelo sign a non-disclosure agreement on the matter, but the young woman refused.

When both Sithelo and MaMkhize were asked to comment on the matter, they refused.

Tamia Mpisane’s position in the family

Tamia is loved immensely by both Andile Mpisane and Shawn Mkhize. When she got married, there were also speculations that she was pregnant with her husband’s child or children. After the wedding, Andile gifter her with a Range Rover. The family has not confirmed Tamia’s pregnancy, but she has been concealing her stomach in numerous pictures; she’s also been seen with a lot of alcohol with her in clubs.


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