“All they know is drama,” Babes Wodumo’s family rubbishes Mampintsha’s mother Zama Gumede’s hospitalization and illness

Zama Gumede - Source: Instagram

“All they know is drama,” Babes Wodumo’s family rubbishes Mampintsha’s mother Zama Gumede’s hospitalization and illness.

They only know drama; the late Mampintsha’s family has been called by the Simelane’s who happens to be Babes Wodumo’s family.

The two families have been making headlines lately, and this is not the first time. Their fallout came when Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha tied the knot.

Zama Gumede - Source: Instagram
Zama Gumede – Source: Instagram

Confirmed reports have it that Mampintsha’s family never wanted Babes Wodumo in their family, but the late opted for her despite his family’s disapproval. Since then, they have been taking swipes at each other.

No doubt, the untimely death of Mampintsha worsened the situation. It seems as if there is no sight of ending between the two families.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha
Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha-Image Source(Instagram)

When the news of the untimely death of Mampintsha flooded, social media reports had it that his mother was barred from funeral proceedings.

It was later reported that due to stress, she collapsed only to find herself in the hospital. Her daughter Pinky even confirmed the news of her deteriorating health.

Babes Wodumo’s family rubbishes Zama Gumede’s hospitalization and illness

She has it that she suffered a minor stroke. Not so long ago, she gave an update which left Mzansi worried.

Pinky revealed that her mother seems to have had a memory loss-related illness. She has it that she no longer recalls most of the things and can’t even remember that Mampintsha died.

In the wake of her side of the story, Babes Wodumo’s family have weighed into the matter. It seems they are singing from a different hymnal.

The Wololo hitmaker’s sister Nondumiso Simelane has it that her family does not believe Zamanguni is sick.

Pinki - Source: Instagram
Pinki – Source: Instagram

She made it known that if she was sick, as they are claiming, they should have informed the Simelane’s just like always before.

“If she was really sick, Pinky would call us and tell the family. Why has no one phoned us?” Nondumiso asked.

Babes Wodumo’s sister also went on to take a swipe at Pinky’s character, labelling her “evil”.

“Pinky has a big problem. She is the evil sister-in-law that nobody wants. She wanted to choose a wife for Mandla, and when that didn’t happen, she made sure she made life difficult for everyone.”

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