AKA TV App: Here is how to download Aka TV

aka tv app download

Aka TV app has launched by  Aka. The announcement was made by rapper on his Instagram. We are going to look at how to access Aka TV and how Aka TV works in South Africa. You can download Aka TV app.

Aka TV app promotional video.

Aka made a promotional video for his application with the following words:

A dawn of a new era, life has changed as we know it, AKA presents a digital experience you do not want o miss.

When is comes to orchestra and hip hop music, exclusive Aka documentaries, live shows and new music, coming soon to all!


During his Megacy Address to the fans about the app which costs R49,99 a month, Aka says he will be releasing new music a week after next week exclusive to subscribers of the Aka TV app.

Aka TV Technical and Downloading Issues

The Application launched today and a number of fans have confirmed to have subscribers. Screenshots where posted on social media with fans claiming to have added some coins to the Jika hit maker. Some fans assured the star they will wait for the app to work properly and purchase. “We are not going anywhere, take your time and perfect it. We will be waiting on you,” said one of the fans

How to access Aka TV

The app can be accessed on Google Playstore and on Apple App Store.

You can download  Aka TV app here

Aka  promised subscribers on the application to get access to exclusive interviews from himself and his friends.

Friends jump in

Aka TV app will be supported by some of his friends in the music industry such as Emtee, Moozlie, and Da L.E.S who will make appearances on the application. He was congratulated by the likes of DjSbu.

Watch Jika here:

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