Actresses Sannah Mchunu ‘Gomora’, Zikhona Sodlaka “The Wife” and Deli Malinga ‘Umkhokha’ tipped for glory at the next Awards ceremony

Sannah Mchunu, Zikhona Sodlaka and Deli Malinga

Actresses Sannah Mchunu ‘Gomora‘, Zikhona Sodlaka “The Wife“, and Deli Malinga’ Umkhokha’ tipped for glory at the next Awards ceremony.

South African actresses Sana Mchunu, often credited as Sannah Mchunu, Deli Malinga and Zikhona Sodlaka, have earned praises from fans led by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela. Flowers they certainly deserve for keeping us glued on our television screens through their exceptional performances and acing respective roles in the 2021/22 tv season.

Actresses Sannah Mchunu ‘Gomora’, Zikhona Sodlaka “The Wife”, and Deli Malinga’ Umkhokha’ tipped to win wards

Zikhona Sodlaka playing Mandisa on Showmax series Hlomu The Wife

2021 ended well for Zikhona, who bagged the role of Mandisa on The Wife series, a character she plays to perfection with her onscreen partner Abdul Khoza. The Mandisa character on The Wife is a bitter partner of Nqoba (Abdul Khoza), the second eldest of the Zulu brothers. She is bitter because her partner failed to pay the bride price and put a ring on her figures; as she watches in envy, the new bride Hlomu pampered with attention and respect. Despite giving birth to a Zulu heir, Mandisa is worried about Nqoba’s commitment issues; she tries to cause drama by revealing Mqhele’s secret child to Hlomu.

Mandisa on The Wife
Mandisa on The Wife: Image Credit @Instagram

A series of excellent performances by Nqoba and Mandisa tigers fans to request a spin-off of the two characters.

Sannah Mchunu playing Zodwa on Gomora

Actress Sana Mchunu joins the Mzansi Magic telenovela Gomora cast as an underdog and clearly understands the assignment. On Gomora, the Zodwa character is a reformed alcoholic and mother to a teenage boy Teddy Zondo (Sicelo Buthelezi). She quickly earned a trademark of speaking in broken English, leaving fans wondering if what she does is scripted. Sana is truly a rare gem and one of the few soapie actors allowed to freestyle their acting scenes while remaining guided by the scripted storyline.

Zodwa spends much of her life overprotecting her son Teddy from non-existent danger; she thinks social worker Gladys (Thembi Seete) wants to take her soon away.

Having started acting accidentally without formal training, Sana Mchunu turned to be one of the top natural talents Mzansi has ever produced and deserves flowers.

Sannah Mchunu and Sicelo Buthelezi at Royal Soapie Awards Ceremony
Sannah Mchunu and Sicelo Buthelezi at Royal Soapie Awards Ceremony: Image Credit @Instagram

Sannah won the Outstanding Supporting Actress at the Royalty Soapie Awards 2021 edition and more is definitely come her way.

 Deli Malinga playing Mamzobe on Umkhokha (Bad luck)

Deli Malinga takes on the role of Mamzobe in the faith-based drama series Umkhokha. In her quest to get her husband to lead Ithempeli le Nkosi, Mamzobe kills the church leader, Mthembu thinking that between his two sons, no one will be deemed fit to lead the church. In a surprising turn of events, Mthembu’s eldest son is pardoned for his crimes in prison and is ordained the church leader.

Mamzobe on Umkhokha
Mamzobe on Umkhokha: Image Credit @Instagram

Mamzobe turns into evil personified to get her ultimate goal, including forcing her daughters to marry Sphamandla so that no one will suspect her. When her eldest daughter dies, Mamzobe assumes that the bad luck is related to Sphamandla and does not whip her corpse. She then offered her adopted daughter as a replacement bride to the Mthembu family, hoping the umkhokha (Bad luck) will wipe them all out, and she gets to kill two birds with one stone. However, things did not turn out how she wanted them to, as her youngest daughter killed herself while running her mother’s evil errands. One would think that losing all her children would make the woman repent and stop her cruel ways, but she planted umkhokha in Mthembu’s yard while in pain from a fresh gunshot wound when she was caught. The woman was unwilling to go down without one final evil deed. The family found out the reason for the smirk on her face when they could not locate Nobuntu’s corpse to use in the umkhokha reversing rituals after the police had talked Mamzobe.


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