A Must Watch: Ayanda is totally busted, and look who makes a scary come back!

Ayanda on Generations The Legacy

On this week’s highlights of Generations The Legacy. This week’s highlights on our favourite Soapie have been released. Ayanda is totally busted, and look who makes a scary come back!

Let’s get right into it

Forbidden Love

What happens in the dark shall he reveal in the light. Fikile catches Ayanda in an awkward situation with Nkosiyabo. The last time we saw Ayanda, she was being carried in Nkosiyabo’s arms in their secret rendezvous, or so they thought.

Ayanda finally gave in to her feelings for Nkosiyabo, and the temptation was too much.
In the newly released video, we are going through the aftermath and the continuation of this forbidden love affair.

Ayanda and Nkosiyabo meet at the hotel again, and Fikile catches them coming out of the room together. Fikile questions Ayanda about this. She tries to deny it, but Fikile doesn’t let it go. Fikile is shocked tonight when Ayanda admits everything. Fikile thinks Ayanda has lost it. Will she tell Dali?

Serial killer on the loose

Sphe received a very deadly message from Winston. Winston wants to make sure she understands that it’s not over. Sphe walks into her bedroom to find a white flower on her bed. This flower is a deadly sign. Winston puts these flowers on his victim’s bodies or graves.

 Winston leaves message for Sphe
Winston leaves a message for Sphe. Image: Twitter/Generations

This leaves Sphe frightened. Sphe is heard by Nkosiyabo screaming from her bedroom, and then, later on, she tells him how her father Jack Mabaso was still alive; Winston Would have been a thing of the past a long time ago.

Mazwi loses it when Olwethu rightfully suggests a story about Sphe’s kidnapping ordeal and return.
Olwethu pitches this story on the round table, and Mazwi just completely goes off the rails on him. The trauma has kicked in for those involved. Mazwi cannot even accept people trying to help him.

Teenage Drama

Gugu is not happy with Mbali and Mo’s growing friendship. She tries to convince Mbali that Mo is after one thing and one thing only.

Return of the Witch

Remember Oby? Kumkani’s Carey girlfriend who ate people’s livers? She is back. Ayanda cannot believe her eyes when she spots her taking an elevator, trying to disguise herself.

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