10 South African musicians who died too soon

10 South African musicians who died too soon

10 South African musicians who died too soon, these musicians made headlines while they were still alive and when they died, these are the most famous musicians who departed too soon. They have been taken away from us but their legacy goes from generation to generation.

10 South African musicians who died too soon

These are the 10 South African musicians who passed away too early.

  1. R Mashesha

R Mashesha was part of the award-winning Kwaito Group Durban based Big Nuz.

Formed in 2002, Big Nuz is known for having revived Kwaito in a big way at a time it was beginning to vanish.  Big Nuz stamped authority on the regional scene when they realized Umlilo which won a ZIMA award in Zimbabwe.

The 2010 Music Awards Season saw the group scoop three awards at the MTN South African Music Awards. Umlilo hit also won a ZIMA award (Best Club Hit Song) in neighboring Zimbabwe.

However, shortly after the success of their platinum-selling album, Umlilo, the musicians’ health started deteriorating leaving fans to speculate on his health issues.

The artist passed away in August 2015 after a long illness, the group hasn’t been really active ever since with the remaining members focusing on their solo careers.

  1. Lundi 

Lundi Tyamara was a South African gospel musician.

He was best known for bringing gospel music to a younger generation through his unique style and drew thousands of people closer to God.

Tyamara had a long musical career, starting out as a back-up singer for gospel singer Rebecca Malope when he was still a teenager.

Over the course of his career, the singer released 11 studio albums and was one of a few South African Artists who have exceeded unit sales of one million, with every release having exceeded double platinum.

He was once referred to as the bad boy of gospel music but he had managed to turn his life around before he passed away.

Lundi passed away aged 38 in January 2017 after being diagnosed with stomach tuberculosis.

  1. Flabba 

Flabba was a South African hip hop musician and member of the South African hip-hop collective Skwatta Kamp who are considered the pioneers of South African hip hop.

The rapper released his solo album “Nkuli vs. Flabba which won an award for “Best Rap Album” in 2007 at the South African Music Awards.

He died on 9 March 2015 aged 37, due to a fatal stab wound after an altercation with his girlfriend.

Prosecutors said his girlfriend stabbed him because she was jealous of seeing him talking to an ex-lover.

  1. Mandoza

Mandoza was a South African artist known for his contributions to the Kwaito industry

He had numerous hit singles, including “Nkalakatha” which topped the charts in South Africa and all over the African continent.

In 2004, the Nkalakatha hitmaker was voted number 77 in the Top 100 Greatest South Africans list.

Mandoza passed away in September 2016 at 38 years after losing his battle against cancer. Just a week before his death the kwaito legend performed at a national concert and this was his final farewell to his fans.

  1. Sfiso Ncwane

Sfiso Ncwane was an award-winning gospel musician, composer, and producer, generally remembered as one of South Africa’s all-time gospel greats.

The gospel singer was known for sharing his blessings with the less fortunate and this could be why his fans followed his career and continued to support him.

In 2015 the singer collapsed while performing in Swaziland and the doctors told him there was nothing they could do and he was going to die.

He asked his pastor to pray to God on his behalf and after he survived, he bought the pastor a 2015 Mercedes-Benz costing R1.9-million.

Sfiso, unfortunately passed away in December 2016 after being diagnosed with kidney failure.  Sfiso’s death was characterized by drama and controversy, claims on his estate saw his family battling in courts.

10 South African musicians who died too soon

  1. Prokid

ProKid was a rapper and producer considered one of South Africa’s most influencing artists of his generation.

At the height of his career, he released six albums, with the Heads and Tales still being recognised as one of the biggest in kasi hip-hop.

In 2006 he co-presented SABC1’s dance show, Jika Ma Jika. And would later on start his own brand under his popular tagline, “Dankie San”.

He passed away on 8 August 2018 after a seizure, while visiting a friend and he was 39 years old.

At the time of his death, he was signed to Mabala Noise and spoke of releasing new music in order to get back into action.

  1. Bujo Mujo 

Bujo Mujo was a house musician and producer.

Although Bujo Mujo was a multi-platinum seller, his talent was hardly recognized in mainstream media.

The Hlonolofatsa hitmaker never got the recognition he deserved but he acknowledged that it did not bother him.

His long list of hits like Summer Rain, Hlonolofatsa and Thando Lwami made waves regionally.

Bujo Mujo passed away at 36 years following respiratory failure in January 2015.

His funeral did not receive much coverage because he passed away the same day as Simba Mhere who was a top billing presenter.

  1. HHP

(HHP) was an award-winning motswako rap artist regarded as the one who put South African Hip-hop on the map.

The hip-hop icon paved the way for many Motswako rappers such as Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana and Fifi Cooper.

HHP said in a 2016 interview on internet radio station CliffCentral that he had attempted suicide three times the year before.

Unfortunately HHP died on Wednesday 24 October, 2018 after his fourth attempt

  1. Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube was a South African reggae musician, his is the most popular South African artist outside South Africa.  In his career, Lucky Dube recorded 22 albums in a 25-year period and was South Africa’s best & biggest-selling reggae artist. In Australia, Lucky Dube has “been labeled as bigger than the Beatles“

On 18 October 2007, Lucky Dube was fatally assassinated by robbers who were after his car, the three men were later sentenced into life in prison

  1. Brenda Fassie

Brenda Fassie was a South African Afropop singer, songwriter. Brenda Fassie is the most popular South African musician with the Mzansi borders.

In 2001, the American Time magazine featured a three page special on Brenda, calling her “The Madonna of the Townships”.

Brenda fasciae slipped into a coma after a drug overdose which led to heart failure and brain damage.

Fassie was visited in the hospital by the late first family Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, and Thabo Mbeki, she died aged 39 on 9 May 2004.


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