The club darling: Why Mzansi loves Reece Madlisa so much?

The national darling: Why Mzansi loves Reece Madlisa so much?

Since he introduced himself into the Mzansi music industry, Reece Madlisa had been hitting the clubs, and Mzansi loves him so much. It’s been three years since Madlisa graced the Mzansi fans with his club-hitting amapiano hit songs. Unlike many musicians who rise in the industry slowly, Reece has been an instant hit that many fans get to fall in love with. It’s unfair to talk about Madlisa without mentioning his right-hand man Zuma. It’s like whatever Reece does, Zuma is always on his side. We are not sure that Reece would be as famous as he is today without Zuma by his side.

Many fans thought that Reece and Zuma were blood brothers or at least related relatives. Reece shot down this assumption by detailing his relationship with fellow star Zuma. The young amapiano star said he is not related to Zuma despite the fact that the two stars are childhood friends who grew to become national celebrities together. Together the two amapiano stars have released top hits like Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy and Megalo. It seems unfair that all the praise seemed to go to Reece Madlisa despite them working closely together. After realising such love and [honour for Recce across Mzansi, we have looked deep into the reasons why fans get to love him so much.

The national darling: Why Mzansi loves Reece Madlisa so much?
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Reasons why Mzansi loves Reece Madlisa so much

Unlike many artists in the Amapiano genre, like DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, Reece has a clean record. A few days ago, Kabza and Maphorisa were arrested in Zimbabwe, and that’s something fans do not love. Without getting our issue confused, fans lobe Kabza and Phori’s music but not their characters. On the other hand, the whole of Mzansi had fallen in love with Reece’s music and Reece the person.

Many celebs across Mzansi have since seen themselves getting carried away with issues to do with relationships/love, but Reece had been clean. One would question his relationship with Pabi Cooper as one that almost damaged his reputation but he handled that so perfectly. In short, Reece is the ultimate role model who is a star both in his music and personal life.

Despite having a clean record in his love life, Reece had been very professional, unlike many young celebs. It seemed that he didn’t get carried away by being rich and famous. He always had his schedule tight and corrected that he would not skip any show. Thanks to his management, Reece is always on time and does the job perfectly.

Below is one of Reece’s best works so far; what a beautiful song hitting clubs!

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