In Pictures: Where did Petronella Tshuma ‘Pearl’ from Rhythm City disappear to?

Petronella Tshuma

South African actress Petronella Tshuma is affectionately known for her role as Pearl Genaro from Rhythm City, where she made a name for herself as an actress in Mzansi. When the show was cancelled, most actors in the drama series found themselves out of jobs and ready to join other productions. Petronella Tshuma is one of those actresses who were out of work. Many of her fans were wondering where she was and what she was up to.

Her role as Pearl in Rhythm City

The Zimbabwean-born actress took on the role of Pearl, the daughter of the ruthless David Genaro (Jamie Bartlett). After her father’s death, Pearl also inherited his enemies and became ruthless to anyone who crossed her like her father. However, love got in the way of the well-thought-out revenge plans as she fell for Suffocate’s son and started rethinking her revenge plan.

Petronella Tshuma,Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu
Petronella Tshuma,Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu-Image Source(Instagram/Petronella Tshuma)

She also had a mysterious admirer who turned out to be a rich pastor who almost married her before she realized he was a fraud. In 2021 the soapie ended, and Petronella has kept an active social media presence, but she is yet to be seen on the small and big screen again. Her fans have kept up with her through her Instagram posts about her family and motivational quotes.

Life after Scandal

Tshuma,and Stephanie Ndlovu
Tshuma and Stephanie Ndlovu-Image Source(Instagram/Petronella Tshuma)

Petronella Tshuma made headlines when she celebrated her 30th birthday as fans could not believe that she was not in her mid-twenties with her youthful looks. She knew when she was younger that she wanted to pursue acting, and as a child, she lived in different countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe. She has worked hard to be a celebrated actress in the Mzansi entertainment industry and pursue her ultimate dream.

Petronella Tshuma
Petronella Tshuma-Image Source(Instagram/PetronellaTshuma)

According to her Instagram, Petronella is a single mother who does not shy away from showing off her kids, who are also as good-looking as their mother. She is also a model and uses her craft to work with different photographers and show off their work on her platform. Many of her fans hope to see her back on Television soon and have been asking when she will return onscreen, but the actress is being secretive about her next projects.

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