Ami Faku expresses her gratitude and honor for being part of Bob Marley’s posthumous album

Ami Faku

Ami Faku is a South African singer and songwriter who is known for her unique blend of Afro-soul, pop, and R&B. She has released several hit songs, such as Imali, Inde Lendlela, and Ubuhle Bakho. She has also collaborated with many African artists, such as Sun-El Musician, Blaq Diamond, and Prince Kaybee.

Ami Faku recently participated in a special project that honors the legacy of Bob Marley, the legendary Jamaican reggae artist who died in 1981. She was selected by the Marley family to feature on a posthumous album titled Africa Unite, which celebrates the pan-African and Jamaican spirit of Marley’s music.

Ami Faku performed a cover of Redemption Song, one of Marley’s most iconic and influential songs. She sang the song in both English and Xhosa, adding her own touch and style to the classic tune. She said that she wanted to represent her people back home and also relate to other people and step out of her comfort zone.

She said that she was honored and proud to be part of the project and that she admired Marley as one of her inspirations. She said that she hoped that her rendition of Redemption Song would inspire others to emancipate themselves from mental slavery and seek freedom and justice.

Redemption Song’s meaning and impact

Redemption Song is a song that was written and recorded by Bob Marley in 1980. It was the last track on his final album Uprising. The song is considered to be one of his most powerful and personal songs, as it reflects his own struggles with cancer and oppression.

The song is inspired by a speech by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican activist and leader of the pan-Africanist movement. Garvey said: “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind.”

Ami Faku
Ami Faku: Image source @Instagram

The song urges listeners to liberate themselves from mental slavery and fight for their rights and dignity. The song also expresses Marley’s faith in God and his hope for redemption.

The song has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest songs of all time. It has been covered by many artists, such as Johnny Cash, Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, U2, and now Ami Faku. The song has also been used as a symbol of resistance and solidarity in various social movements, such as anti-apartheid, civil rights, environmentalism, and human rights.

Benza’s praise for Ami Faku

Benza is a South African music executive and entrepreneur who is the founder of Vth Season, a record label and management company. He is also the manager of Ami Faku and other artists, such as AKA, Berita, Manu WorldStar, and Tresor.

Benza praised Ami Faku for her performance on Africa Unite. He said that she was chosen by the Marley family to immortalize the “Lion fire” of the reggae legend. He said that it was almost spiritual and preordained that Ami Faku’s voice and energy lies beside Bob Marley’s iconic voice.

He said: “A song drops that encapsulates the signs of the time. Redemption Song by Bob Marley can’t be more timely than now. Ami Faku was selected by the Marley family and shines on this timeless song. It’s almost spiritual and preordained that Ami Faku’s voice and energy lies beside Bob Marley’s iconic voice.”

You can listen to Ami Faku’s cover of Redemption Song on YouTube or Spotify.

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